Individual Adult Membership (Ages 18-64)

Start with an individual adult membership and add on members, residing in the same household with proof of address at a reduced rate.

Senior Membership (Ages 65+)

A discount is offered to those ages 65 and up. To obtain the best senior discount, each senior in the household must register for their own individual senior membership.

Teen Membership (Ages 13-17)

Teens ages 15-17 enjoy all the benefits of an individual adult membership. Teens ages 13-14 may become a full member and will have access to strength and cardio equipment and group fitness classes after completion of the Strong Teen program. Purchase of the Strong Teen Program is required at time of joining for ages 13-14.

Youth Membership (Ages 11-12)

Youth membership is offered at a reduced rate. Youth members may attend scheduled youth open gyms, use the indoor track with parent or caregiver supervision, and have access to the gym when it is not in use by a program.

Track Only Membership (Ages 15+)

A membership or daily fee is required for all users of the track. The track only membership can be paid annually or with monthly installments. Track members have access to the track, second-floor stretching area and locker rooms.

Military and Veteran Memberships

Active duty military personnel and veterans qualify for a 10% discount off standard membership dues. This offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or other reduced rates.

College Summer & Winter Special

College students are eligible for a short term membership twice a year. The summer special is valid for 3 months starting in May and expiring in September. The winter special is valid for 1 month starting in December and expiring in January. Sales begin on November 21. Price for residents is $65 and $79 for non-residents. There is no enrollment fee for the college specials.



Membership Rates

All rates require a 12-month commitment.

Member TypeEnrollment FeeResident Monthly
Resident Annual PaymentNon-resident Monthly InstallmentsNon-resident Annual
Individual Adult$75$59$649$74$814
Build a Membership
Start with an individual adult membership and add on household members.
Add-on Adult$35$41$451$51$561
Add-on Teen$35$25$275$31$341
Add-on Youth$35$19$209$24$264
Add-on Senior$35$32$352$39$429
Additional Individual Membership Options
Individual Senior$45$45$495$56$616
Individual Teen$45$39$429$49$539
Individual Youth$45$29$319$36$396

Membership Ages*
Youth: 11-12
Teen: 13-17
Adult: 18-64
Senior: 65+

Track use requires a TPAC or Track Only Membership, or a daily fee.

Track Only Membership (ages 15+)

Resident Monthly InstallmentsResident Annual PaymentNon-resident Monthly InstallmentsNon-resident Annual Payment

All rates require a 12-month commitment.

Daily Fees

Daily Fees (ages 15+)ResidentNon-Resident
Daily Facility Fee$18$23
Daily Track Fee$4$6