Strong Teen is required for 13- and 14-year-olds to learn how to exercise safely, use correct form, and follow facility etiquette while working out. Completion of the three one-hour sessions and continued adherence to facility rules and expectations provide these members the opportunity to work out at TPAC on their own.

Session 1 – Tour of TPAC with focus on basic fitness principles, safety and etiquette.

Session 2 – Introduction to cardio, strength and functional fitness equipment along with the benefits of each type of training. This session includes a focus on the importance of flexibility and stretching.

Session 3 – Overview of Group Fitness offerings, fitness studio and fitness on-demand opportunities. This session will offer a continued demonstration of the proper use of equipment and machines.

Purchase of the Strong Teen program ($149 for the three sessions) is required at the time of joining. Access to scheduled open gyms, use of gym when not in use by a program or class, and indoor track are available at time of joining. Use of the fitness studios, cardio, strength, and functional fitness areas is not available until the completion of the program.