This list is subject to change in response to the most current guidelines for COVID-19.

Facility Information

When does Techny Prairie Activity Center Open?

Techny Prairie Activity Center is scheduled to open January 1, 2021.

What will the hours be for TPAC?

The base hours of operation are Monday-Friday 5:30am-9:00pm; Saturday and Sunday 7:00am-8:00pm.  Operating hours will be assessed on an ongoing basis and may be adjusted to reflect demand and use.

Why doesn’t the building have an indoor pool?

The District considered including an indoor pool, but the budget did not allow for that amenity when the building was planned. Looking to the future, the building has been thoughtfully situated on the property to allow for possible expansion.

Are there locker rooms available?

Member locker rooms and showers are available. Smaller personal lockers are also available in the facility. Lockers are keyless and do not require you to bring a lock. Locker rooms do not include saunas or steam rooms.

Can I keep my own locker?
No, lockers will be available only on a first-come, first-served basis and all belongings must be removed before the facility closes each day. Items that remain at the close of business will be removed and placed in the lost and found.

Do I need to bring a towel?
If you use a towel during your workout or if you plan to shower at TPAC, bring a towel.  Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided in the fitness area to wipe down equipment after use.

Can I wear my outside shoes in the fitness center?
We recommend you wear clean shoes in the facility. During inclement weather we ask that you bring a change of shoes for your workout. This helps keep the facility clean and safe for you and other patrons.



Is there a 12-month commitment on the membership?

All Charter Memberships require an initial 12-month commitment. Exceptions may be made with the completion of a Membership Change Form for medical reasons with a doctor’s note or with proof of moving.

Can I put my membership on hold?
Members may take a leave for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of four months. Medical leaves may be taken for a longer period but will require a written doctor’s release upon returning. Members are allowed one leave of absence per 12 months.

If I don’t use TPAC after purchasing a membership; can I get a refund for the time I haven’t used?
No, non-usage is not a valid reason for a refund.

How old do I have to be to become a member?

Ages 15 years and older have access to all TPAC amenities. Memberships are available to those 13 years of age and up.  Teens age 13-14 will be required to purchase and complete the Strong Teen program.  A Youth Membership is available for ages 11-12 with access to Open Gym programs and use of the Indoor Track with parent or caregiver supervision. Teen and Youth memberships benefits exclude Strong Start.

Is Kids’ Corner childcare included in membership?

The Kids’ Corner at TPAC will be available for children ages 3 months through 10 years. A reservation system will be used, and a parent or caregiver must remain on-site while children visit Kids’ Corner. Rates are available for residents and non-residents at an hourly rate or with the purchase of a discounted swipe pass.

Can my children work out with me?
Yes, youth ages 13 to 14 may use the fitness area upon successful completion of the Strong Teen program.  For safety reasons, children ages 12 and under are not permitted in the fitness area.



How long will the Charter Member rates be available?

Secure the Charter Membership rates now! The Charter Membership will conclude when we move to Standard Membership sales promotion. Notification of the end of the Charter Membership promotion will be posted on the TPAC website and Facebook page. To receive updates and reminders on membership offers, join the email list here.

Will the Charter Fees be carried over from year to year?

Charter Membership rates are locked in for 36 consecutive months. If Charter Membership is cancelled, the Standard Membership rates will apply upon re-joining.

Will residents be charged to use the Indoor Track?

Indoor Track use requires a membership or payment of a daily fee. Memberships are available for the entire facility or for track only use at resident and non-resident rates. Our goal is to make Indoor Track usage affordable for our residents while maintaining an exclusive atmosphere for our members. See Indoor Track Membership Information here.

Why is there a fee to use the Techny Prairie Activity Center when I pay taxes to the Park District?

Access to facilities and programs at TPAC requires a daily fee, membership, or program registration fee. The user fees are needed to support the operational costs associated with the facility. This procedure is similar to other Park District offerings including aquatic programs, golf courses, ice skating, drop-in programs, arts and general interest activities.

Do you give senior discounts?
Yes, seniors age 65 years and older receive a discount on their membership. Discounts also are available for teen, youth and active military memberships.

Can non-residents use the Techny Prairie Activity Center?
Yes, non-residents may use the Techny Prairie Activity Center by purchasing a non-resident membership or paying a non-resident Daily Fee.

Do I have to pay anything at the time I sign up?

Enrollment fees have been waived for Charter Members! When you become a Charter Member and choose the monthly installment option, you will only pay your January dues. Your next charge for February dues won’t need to be paid until 2021!  If you choose to pay using the convenient annual option, full payment for 2021 is due at the time of purchase.

What are my payment options?

Members can select to make monthly installments or one annual payment. Both monthly installments and annual memberships require an initial 12-month commitment and will be automatically renewed annually.

Why do you charge enrollment fees?
Program and user fees are required in order to support the ongoing operational costs associated with the facility. We offer competitive fitness membership rates and enrollment fees are charged to offset the cost of the initial membership including ID card processing and staff costs associated with the creation of a new membership. Enrollment fees may be waived during special promotions. To receive updates and reminders on special membership offers, join the email list here.

Do you match prices from other fitness centers?
No, we do not price match.  Our state-of-the-art facility offers competitive pricing and provides members with many benefits.



I want to be a Charter Member, but I am not sure if I will be ready to come into a fitness center yet.

We have you covered!  As a TPAC Charter member, we meet you where you are in your fitness journey.  Membership will include access to a wide variety of cardio and strength equipment, group fitness classes, and our virtual platform for use at home and in the Group Fitness Studios when available.  Whatever your comfort level is at the time, we have a way to keep you active.

What if COVID is still present when the Activity Center opens?

At TPAC, the health, safety and well-being of members and staff are our top priorities and we will meet or exceed all CDC and IDPH guidelines.  Physical distancing, etiquette guidelines and sanitizing standards will be sent to members prior to opening the facility. This information will also be reviewed with members during their first visit to the facility.

Will I have to make reservations to work out?

Depending on the current guidelines and capacity limits, reservations may be required for visits to TPAC including group fitness classes, cardio and strength floor and the indoor track.  Information regarding reservations will be available prior to facility opening.

Will there be time set aside for safe senior use?

In order to accommodate all members, we anticipate opening during Phase 4 which will require reservations for TPAC use in order to ensure safe physical distancing. Information regarding reservations will be available prior to facility opening.



Can I just pay daily for the Cardio & Strength and/or Group Fitness classes?

Yes! There is a Daily Facility Fee that includes access to the fitness floor, group fitness classes, track and open gym programs. Additional fees apply for Kids’ Corner use, at the member rate.

Will someone show me how to use the equipment?
All new members are encouraged to participate in the free Strong Start program which includes three 30-minute sessions led by a personal trainer. We also encourage members to purchase personal training in order to develop a personalized fitness program to see the best results.

Are the basketball courts available for drop-in play?
The basketball courts are available for drop-in play to TPAC members when other programs or rentals are not scheduled. Scheduled open gyms are available for members and non-members on a weekly basis and will be advertised at