Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are available to both members and non-members. Choose to attend in-person or virtually. These options are targeted to specific needs, medically-based, or in a highly focused area of fitness programming that requires specialized instructors with elevated certifications. Some TPAC classes and all classes offered at other District facilities will be Specialty Classes requiring a separate fee. Become a TPAC member and enjoy reduced pricing.

Do or Diet

Low Fat? Low Carb? Low Sugar? Paleo? Mediterranean? Vegan? Vegetarian? With so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? Join Registered Dietitian Dina Genovese for this 4-week series that looks in depth at various diets and dissects the pros and cons of each including diet myths, cleansing and juice diets. Discover what to eat on a regular basis to promote a healthy body and mind.

Family Pantry Makeover

Join Registered Dietitian Dina Genovese to learn the basics of nutrition for you and your family. This pantry makeover will help you decide what you should have on hand to ensure healthy meal preparation for both sit-down meals and on-the-go lifestyles. Learn how to strategically and effectively shop at the grocery store for all the essentials.

Fight the Fatigue® Fitness

Studies have shown consistent exercise helps manage the effects of cancer treatment. Join Cancer Exercise Specialist and Oncology Nurse Jenny Spencer, RN, BSN, OCN, CPT, CETI, CES for this group fitness class geared specifically for those undergoing or just finishing cancer treatment. The class will focus on building strength and endurance. The full-body workout will include strength training exercises combined with cardio, flexibility and balance. Classes will be tailored to accommodate different activity levels and those currently undergoing treatment. Physician’s clearance is required.

Yoga School for Beginners

Yoga Instructor Jim Gibilterra provides an introduction to yoga practice, covering the purpose of props, basic poses and the benefits of each type of practice. Each session includes five classes covering the following:
Class 1: Intro and basic staging poses
Class 2: Standing poses and lunges
Class 3: Balancing poses
Class 4: Back bends, twists, and recommendations for further practice
Class 5: Beginner Yoga class
Attendance at each class is recommended as different poses will be taught weekly in progression. This program is geared for those who have never taken a yoga class or want to review their pose technique with a qualified instructor.