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Patrick S.

Personal Trainer Patrick S.

Meet Patrick

With being a former Division 1 collegiate football player, Patrick comes to the table with constantly evolving ideas in his training approach and philosophy. With almost 2 years of experience Patrick has worked with a wide range of clients varying in age and ability.

Patrick has been active in fitness and training since the age of 13, and has experienced first and what quality training looks like.

“I always try to put myself back into the shoes of the client that I used to be like. I ask myself questions ‘How would I want to be treated, and how would I want a trainer to explain and demonstrate things to me.”

Patrick’s areas of knowledge are widespread and he specializes and loves working with clients who had sport performance and martial arts goals.

Education & Certifications

  • ISSA Personal Trainer Certified

Current Classes & Services

  • Personal Trainer
  • Pure Strength
  • Ignite


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