Rachel Tandy

Rachel Tandy

Fitness Supervisor
Techny Prairie Activity Center


Joining a fitness center or health club can create many conflicting emotions — from excitement to trepidation, determination to apprehension, anticipation to outright fear. Whichever emotions you are experiencing as a member, one of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of your fitness journey is to work with a Personal Trainer. Whether you are brand new to exercise or an experienced athlete, working with a Personal Trainer can help ensure you are making the most of your time at the fitness center.

“A Personal Trainer can help you set realistic goals and create a plan for accomplishing them,” accordingly to TPAC Personal Trainer Scott R. “Doing the same things every day eventually leads to a plateau. A trainer can help you push past that.” TPAC Personal Trainer Liz G. adds, “A Personal Trainer understands your strengths, challenges and goals. We’re your partner as we work together to achieve your fitness goals; like your own personal cheerleader who is motivating, supporting and encouraging you.”

“We can give you that one-on-one attention that you need to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and give you modifications if needed,” said TPAC Personal Trainer Connie C. “We are there to motivate you and hold you accountable. This will allow you to see progress and stick to your fitness program.”

Matthew A., a TPAC Personal Trainer since 2021, believes having a specific exercise selection helps maintain functionality in everyday life. “When you have a professional lead the workout and do all the things most people don’t want to do, you can just turn your mind off and focus on yourself without having any anxiety about doing things right or wrong.”

TPAC Personal Trainer Sebastian B. highlights the importance of safety. “Knowing you will be shown movements properly and safely is so important. A personal trainer watches your form in order to help prevent and limit injuries.” Along the lines of safety, TPAC Personal Trainer Nikki B. remarked, “We can help limit the learning curve when using new equipment.”

Personal Training may seem like a luxury to some. However, with its incredible benefits, the return on investment couldn’t be higher. In today’s busy world, none of us has time to waste, and engaging with a Trainer saves time and money.

At Techny Prairie Activity Center, all new members receive three free personal training sessions with one of our amazing Trainers to begin their fitness journey. If you are a member and have yet to schedule your session, please contact our fitness desk to get started!