By Katie Kotloski
Recreation Division Manager 

Summer is the perfect time to develop a plan for achieving your fitness and wellness goals. Creating measurable and realistic goals for yourself puts you on the path to success! Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Begin with your mindset. Use positive verbiage to help accomplish your goals. Instead of, saying “I can’t do this,” consider “I can do this if I keep at it!”
  • Have a workout buddy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, working out with a friend helps you stay motivated, accountable and consistent in your workouts.
  • Consider a personal trainer. Schedule sessions with one of our personal trainers to help customize a workout plan that meets your needs and goals.
  • Begin with small goals, then build on those goals. For example, you could start by establishing a walking routine, then increase your pace, depending on your ability and fitness aspirations.
  • Use a fitness app to track your results so you can see your progress. Write down your goals and place them where you see them every day. Keep your goals realistic and set deadlines to meet them using measurable factors such as time or distance.
  • Make small changes to your daily life. Try swapping soda for sparkling water, candy for fruit, or red meat for chicken or plant-based options.
  • Try new things. Experimenting with a new exercise or activity you have never tried before is a great way to challenge yourself and add excitement!
  • Be kind to yourself if you get off track. Refocus and get back to your routine the next day.

We are here to join you on your fitness journey. TPAC offers a variety of group membership classes offering a diverse range of workouts, along with the latest fitness equipment and amazing trainers.